If you are looking for Maids Service in Dubai, We offer high quality maid services. Cleaning is no fun to anyone. It is dirty, time-consuming and exhausting. Luckily, we provide you with a perfect set of maid services. With reasonable rates and easy booking,  we are here to solve all your cleaning problems.

There are several companies who tend to provide the maid service. It is very difficult to find a Maids Service in Dubai who provides adequate services. Staff is either not trained or there are language issues. We tend to provide their customers with domestic cleaning as well as maintenance services. These services are based on the request as well as the insistence of our customers.

Some of the major services that our maid service company in Dubai provides include:

  • Party Help services
  • Cleaning Maid service
    • Bedrooms and common areas
    • Bathrooms
    • Kitchen
  • Babysitting maid services in Dubai
  • Handyman Service

A lot of people require Maid services in Dubai mainly because the maintenance is very difficult. With a lot of sandstorms and soggy weather, the home requires a lot of cleanliness. Furthermore, the economy of Dubai is stable. People earn a significant amount and hence are able to afford help in homes.

Our Mission is offer Best Maids Service in Dubai

Our mission is to ensure quality Maids Service in Dubai. We achieve this giving due attention to the detail or work done. We provide outstanding customer service and green practices.

We at Dubai House Keeping have the goal to simplify the lives of our clients. We do so by saving them their valuable time and energy. This is done while ensuring the environmental responsibility by all means.

We work to take off cleaning for you “to do” list. This frees up significant time for your family and for yourself. This way you can have things done and have time for yourself and your family.

There is a significant need for Maid Service is Dubai. A significant lot of people are not able to manage both outdoor and indoor. Male and female working lot ends with an exhausting day and hence need help. Companies in Dubai are offering quality professional services. The maids provided by such companies are highly trained and reliable. These workers are well trained and well equipped for offering grooming services.

When someone applies to the Maids Service in Dubai, they deserve to get what they have paid for. This is what we vouch for, by all means.

The companies tend to charge a significant amount as compared to if someone finds a private maid. However, we tend to keep our rates nominal and affordable.

The maids provided us are a lot more trained and reliable. They know their work well. If in case a maid does something wrong, then the owner can always make a complaint to the company. This means that not only you get a worker, you also get to provide with a feedback.

Our Workers

We like to keep things transparent. We want our customers to have an insight on the workers that we send their way. Dubai is considered as the land of many opportunities. Many people from the third world countries tend to migrate to Dubai for the sake of finding work. There are several jobs available as construction workers, home maintenance workers, maids and drivers. Because of these opportunities people from third world countries go to Dubai. These people are usually the ones who are not well educated or skilled. They are not able to earn a reasonable earning within their home towns, hence they move to Dubai. This is similar to people moving to America or Europe. It is however difficult and more expensive to go to America and Europe. Not to mention finding work in such countries is even more challenging. We stand firm in all the maid services in Dubai and want to make our mark.

People are thus left with the opportunity of moving to Dubai. This growing market provides opportunities to thousands of people. That is one reason why one can find plenty of maid service providers in Dubai. We hire this individual through a profound recruitment process. Once hired these individuals are taken up in the process of training and guidance. Each of the maids are trained individually and their work is assessed. They are guided with the cleaning procedures and manner. We even provide them with language

People from countries such as Pakistan, India, Nepal, Philippines, etc. move to our company for work.

We provide with effective and vigilant workers who are able to ensure customer satisfaction at all levels of work.

All in all the maid services in Dubai is a growing industry. People from third world countries are making their way more and more into the country in search of work. The industry is hence growing. There is still more demand than supply. So there is still a lot of opportunities available to people to work for companies as maids.

What we clean:

Our maid service company is an expert in providing with well-trained cleaning maids as well as babysitting staff.We deal with all the residential cleaning as well as home care. Our company is famous for providing a high standard of quality.

We are famous for good quality cleaning. We are relatively new in the market and we have been able to make their mark.

We are masters in services of upholstery, mattress cleaning, and deep cleaning. We provide with regular residential cleaning all over Dubai.

We provide services in some areas of Sharjah. We offer with reasonable rates and workers who are both regular and specialized in nature.We ensure profound customer satisfaction.

Other than routine home cleaning, we provide specialized House cleaning services Dubai as well.

Below given is a list of cleaning services that we provide for your ease

  • Bedrooms and living Areas:

    • Changing linens
    • Making beds
    • Cleaning and mopping floor
    • Dusting all tables
    • Wiping door handles
    • Vacuuming all carpeted areas
    • Wiping light switches
    • Wiping mirrors
    • Wiping glass fixtures
    • Taking out trash
    • Segregating recyclable materials
  • Bathrooms

    • Washing and sanitizing the toilet floor
    • Sanitizing shower and sink
    • Wiping door handles
    • Wiping light switches
    • Vacuuming and mopping floor
    • Taking out trash
    • Cleaning all other equipment such as bathroom sets, toothbrush holders etc.
  • Kitchen

    • Scrubbing the sink
    • Cleaning dishes
    • Cleaning the dish washer
    • Clean up mirrors
    • Vacuuming and mopping floor
    • Cleaning of inside and outside of the microwave
    • Dusting and wiping of all reachable surfaces
    • Taking out the trash and the recyclables
    • Cleaning dishes