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Invisible Killers – Sanitize by Ozosi

  Ozosi, CE certified, Ozone treatment to sanitize your home or office environment. All in one portable monster killer! To give your home the comprehensive cleaning service & sanitization that it deserves, we combine handwork with Italian innovation, OzoSi. By utilizing the unique properties of natural Ozone, in low concentrations Clean home is [...]


What is Silverfish These are about 1/2 inch bluish-silver wingless insects with hard exoskeleton. They look like fish and their movements are very similar. They have 2 long antennas on their head and 3 prominent “tails” on rear. Females’ egg numbers vary. Depending on species, their quantity may range from 2 to 20 eggs per day. [...]

How to Clean Wall Stains

How to Clean Wall Stains Identify the stain and treat it appropriately. It is recommended that you always test an inconspicuous area of the wall before cleaning the stain off, to check that the product you’re using won’t lift the paintwork. One of the simplest and most effective wall cleaners is a paste made from [...]

Tips for dealing with dirty, sweaty sports gear

Tips for dealing with dirty, sweaty sports gear The start of the school year often means more than backpacks, books and pencils cluttering mudrooms and kitchen counters. Fall sports are back, too, and with them stinky jerseys in the laundry room and mud-clogged cleats in the garage. There are simple ways to mitigate the stench [...]