Asking these questions will help you set correct expectations.

Before hiring a Cleaning Services provider, be sure to ask these questions:

How do you set your cost?

Most Cleaning Services provider charge an hourly rate for the visit for as many hours you booked but may also offer to charge by the project or by the number of employees they send.

Since in most cases, home size, condition and task required to perform are not identical, it is advisable request flexibility for additional hours, if needed.

It usually takes a few visits, to get to the level of quality cleaning desired and subsequently all you need is to maintain it. Cleaning Services provider should give you a flat rate for each subsequent visit depending on the condition of your property, needs and how often you will need the service.

You should also be able to avoid unwanted costs by putting a cap on the number of hours the Maid will be in your home.  In such case, it is best to set priority for task to be completed.

What services are included?

Ask what cleaning services are included in a regular visit.

If you’d prefer to take care of the basic day-to-day chores and you really want a housecleaner to take responsibility for dusting, window-washing, base board cleaning and floor scrubbing, make sure you let them know as it may affect the cost.

Deep cleaning usually needs specific chemicals & tools for the Maid, her to be effectively complete the job faster. You must ask for an expert for Deep Cleaning as knowledge makes a huge difference. Some of the tasks are just longer time taking but a hack can help you save your time.

The key to get the best out of a Maid’s visit to your home is – Set the Expectations Right at the Start.

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

Companies should be open to your suggestions and feedback. They should also be able to provide you with a satisfaction guarantee in the event that you are unhappy with a particular service.

You should be able to openly communicate with them by email or phone to ensure your cleaning needs are being met.

Do you bring equipment and cleaning supplies?

Some companies bring their own equipment and supplies on extra charge, while others may not. You can choose to be responsible for providing cleaning supplies and save the cost instead.

Do you have Refund & Claim policy?

Professional Cleaning Services will state their policy in place in case something gets broken, damaged or goes missing in your home.

This will provide you with security and peace of mind during the cleaning service. You may want to inform the Cleaning Services Provider if you have any items that require special care.

How will you gain access to my home?

Options include leaving a key under the mat and asking the house cleaner to leave it inside when they’re done, leaving the key at reception, granting access via a keypad or choosing to be home during the cleaning. Make sure both you and your Maid are comfortable with the option you choose.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

You are allowing someone in your private space and will be exposed to information that you may not intend to be shared with outside world. It is imperative that your contact information, family plans are never discussed with anyone else, including other clients.

What should I do with my pet?

If possible, introduce your pet to the Maid before their first visit, especially if you won’t be home during the appointment. Depending on the introduction, you may want to crate the animal or ask the Maid to leave the animal in a safe spot outside and then let them back in before leaving.

You should also ask if there’s an additional fee for cleaning a household with pets.

Do you conduct a background check on employees?

Most reputable Cleaning Services provider performs background checks on all of their employees. A background check can ensure the safety of you and your home by allowing you to know who is entering your home.

A Cleaning Service provider should also be able to tell you whether the same Maid will be sent to your home every time.

Do you carry worker’s compensation?

Companies that hire employees versus contractors that are on their payroll and as per UAE labour law, will provide their employees with worker’s compensation in the event that an employee gets injured — so you as the homeowner won’t be liable.

How long has the cleaning service been in business?

Find out how long the company has been around, and how long the employees have been with the business. A brand-new company (or an old company with all-new employees) may not be the best choice.